Hotel Cervantes - Parte del Comedor y Sala de Bailes del Roof Garden

3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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P. O. Box 25 Telegraphic Address: Cervantes Telephone 22 Hotel "Cervantes" Cafe, Restaurant & Lunch Room Gonzalez & Carrillo proprietors No. 22 Independencia St. Surgidero de Batabano This commodious Hotel offers to its patrons an up to date service, providing the confort exacted by the most fastidious clientele. The competent Chef and his assistants provide the kind of food you will relish, and which is exactly as that furnished by the best Hotels of any of the larger Cities. The elevator service affords the guests the ascent to the Roof Garden, from which the beautiful panorama of the Batabano Sound and Caribbean Sea is beheld. Cool and well ventilated rooms, make you feel at home. The Hotel's private Garage will house your automobiles. Moderate prices. Proporcionamos todo el Equipo para la pesca del Tarpon

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