Chevrolet Cevelle Malibu

3.25" x 7.25" (9 x 19 cm)
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The Chevelle Malibu is beautifully redesigned for 1973. Economically priced and quietly elegant, the Malibu combines a smooth ride with precise handling and is available in coupe, sedan, and station wagon models. The new Colonnade hardtop design in coupe and sedan models gives the 1973 Malibu a distinguished new look. These models are marked by hardtop-type doors with frameless full windows on all models; distinctive rear quarter windows on coupes; and classic new six-window styling that provides more glass area to sedan models. Malibu station wagons feature a new counterbalanced lifegate that gives easy access to as much as 85 cubic feet of cargo space. The Malibu offers a standard six or V8 engine, and a wide range of options - including the popular SS package - which enable you to tailor your Malibu to your specific taste. The 1973 Chevelle Malibu also includes as standard equipment a full array of safety, emission control and theft deterrent features. In addition, all models feature a new improved front bumper system that retracts on minor impact and hydraulically cushions the shock. For more exciting news about the Malibu, as well as many other models in the popular 1973 Chevrolet line, we invite you to visit your nearest Chevrolet dealer soon

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