Indian Vs. Oil

3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
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White man comes and makes up rig, Up on the hill and start to dig, Indian watches white man toil, Thinkum driller heap big fool Sets all day on old pine stool, stoolie swingum heap big wrench then go sleep on gceasy bench, Night time come - no go to bed, Another outfit come instead, Never stopum work like hell, That's the way they drillum well, Driller gettum heap big pay Cashum check and go away, Oil still flows in big steel tank Me got money in the bank, Buy a car and break him Quick Left the damn thing in the creek, Buy two more and maybe three One for squaw and two for me, Buy papoose a pair of shoes Spend what's left on wildcat booze, Have good time, but go to jail, Good friend comes and goesum bail, Banker say my money gone, Bye and bye some more comes on. That's the way the oil game goes White man getsum, Injun blows, Me think driller heap damn fool Sets all day on old pine stool.

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