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Not Yet But Soon
Not Yet But Soon
Katherine Gassaway 

Boy Being Spanked with Paddle
Boy Being Spanked with

Woman being Spanked by Man in Field
Woman being Spanked by
Man in Field

Women playing in the water, and smoking, at the beach.
Women playing in the
water, and smoking,...

Woman in Black Bathing Suit Preparing to Spank Woman in Red and White Striped Bathing Suit
Woman in Black Bathing
Suit Preparing to...

Now You Clearly Understand the Reason Why I'm Going to Cane You?
"Now You Clearly
Understand the Reason

A Gentle Reminder
A Gentle Reminder

I'm Watching and Waiting for Thee
I'm Watching and Waiting
for Thee

Yours With all My Sole
Yours With all My Sole

Beats the Dutch
Beats the Dutch

Having a spanking good time
Having a spanking good
Atlantic City, NJ

Cause and Effect - Spanking
Cause and Effect -

Hold Your Hand Out, Naughty Boy
Hold Your Hand Out,
Naughty Boy

Tis Better to Give than to Receive!
"Tis Better to Give than
to Receive!"

Yours With All My Sole
Yours With All My Sole

Smak it Dad!
Smak it Dad!

Birthday Whipping
Birthday Whipping
H.B. Griggs (HBG) 

Am Getting Tanned - Spanking
Am Getting Tanned -

I hate a spanking, but oh you jam!
I hate a spanking, but oh
you jam!
Grace Wiederseim 

Getting at the bottom of it
Getting at the bottom of

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