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This is Some Place
This is Some Place

Oh well, we has sweet tempers anyhow.
Oh well, we has sweet
tempers anyhow.
Charles Twelvetrees 

Hey, Mister! D'You Mind Turning Sideways While I get Past With our Gladys?
Hey, Mister! D'You Mind
Turning Sideways...

I Mean to see Where That Feller Gets 'is Meals if I Follwer 'im All Over the Town
I Mean to see Where That
Feller Gets 'is...

It Floats
It Floats

Don't Waste Your Time and Money on Anti-Fat. Try a Little Less to Eat and More Work
Don't Waste Your Time and
Money on...

I Hope Mary Filled the Bathrub, And Mary Did
I Hope Mary Filled the
Bathrub, And Mary Did

Fat Man with Beer and Food
Fat Man with Beer and

Fat Man Getting Massaged into a Skinny Man
Fat Man Getting Massaged
into a Skinny Man

Man with Pipe, Cheese, and a Drink
Man with Pipe, Cheese,
and a Drink

Do Not Spit on the Ground - Fat Man with Boy
"Do Not Spit on the
Ground" - Fat Man with...

You Need a Anti-Fat Cure and You Know It
You Need a Anti-Fat Cure
and You Know It

Fat Woman Wearing Fancy Hat and Carrying Purse
Fat Woman Wearing Fancy
Hat and Carrying...

Die koofen wir uns, Offilie
Die koofen wir uns,

Oh! Boy! If Only I had a Pin!
Oh! Boy! If Only I had a

Chubby lady wearing shorts hangs washing on a backyard line
Chubby lady wearing
shorts hangs washing...

Does His Shoes Need Shining?
Does His Shoes Need

Cartoon: Darn that Sun, My Cheeks are Burning Up!
Cartoon: Darn that Sun,
My Cheeks are...

Darn That Sun, My Cheeks are Burning Up!
"Darn That Sun, My Cheeks
are Burning Up!"

I'm th' Tallest in th' Class Sitting Down
I'm th' Tallest in th'
Class Sitting Down

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