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With Love's Greeting
With Love's Greeting
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Young Pilgrim with Harvest Wheelbarrow
Young Pilgrim with
Harvest Wheelbarrow
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Easter Greetings with Young Girl Holding Egg Basket
Easter Greetings with
Young Girl Holding...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

A Happy Easter - Young Boy in Blue Hat Playing Mandolin
A Happy Easter - Young
Boy in Blue Hat...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Girl Waking to see Toys, Santa
Girl Waking to see Toys,
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Christmas Cheer - With kindly Greeting let me say, I think of you this Christmas Day
Christmas Cheer - With
kindly Greeting let...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Two Children Reading a Book on Christmas
Two Children Reading a
Book on Christmas
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Here's For A Glorious Fourth. - Young Girl with Toy Soldiers
"Here's For A Glorious
Fourth." - Young...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Pride, and Glory, and Honor, all Live in the Colors to Stand or Fall
Pride, and Glory, and
Honor, all Live in...

First in War, First in Peace, First in the hearts of his Countrymen. - George Washington
"First in War, First in
Peace, First in...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

To Wish You All Happiness for the Christmastide.
To Wish You All Happiness
for the...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Thanksgiving Greeting
Thanksgiving Greeting
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Erin go bragh!
Erin go bragh!
Ellen Clapsaddle 

And its O, the Green Shamrock
And its O, the Green
Ellen Clapsaddle 

A Merry Christmas
A Merry Christmas
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Best Christmas Wishes - Girl Praying by Bedside, Santa with Toys
Best Christmas Wishes -
Girl Praying by...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Best Easter Wishes
Best Easter Wishes
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Speeding car with Scared and Delighted Passengers
Speeding car with Scared
and Delighted...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Washington's Birthday - Boy Holding a Hatchet by a Cherry Tree
Washington's Birthday -
Boy Holding a...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Wishing you many glad Thanksgiving Days
Wishing you many glad
Thanksgiving Days
Ellen Clapsaddle 

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