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Children Playing in Boat on Beach
Children Playing in Boat
on Beach

Toddler in Wagon on Snow
Toddler in Wagon on Snow

Photo of Two Children
Photo of Two Children
Stamford, CT

Photo of Two Girls
Photo of Two Girls
Sharon, CT

Three Children on Bench
Three Children on Bench

Child in Winter Attire Posing by a Tree
Child in Winter Attire
Posing by a Tree

Children in Village
Children in Village

Baby Sitting in Chair
Baby Sitting in Chair

Snapshot of School Children
Snapshot of School

Portrait of School Children and Two Teachers
Portrait of School
Children and Two Teachers

School Children
School Children

Pretty Little Girl
Pretty Little Girl

Young Child on a Donkey
Young Child on a Donkey

Bonne Annee
Bonne Annee

Kids Sled Ride
Kids Sled Ride

Snapshot of Doris and Verne
Snapshot of Doris and
Plum Island, NY

Child Pulling a Toy Wagon
Child Pulling a Toy Wagon

Child in White Gown
Child in White Gown

Children with their Cat
Children with their Cat

Prudence Davis Flagg
Prudence Davis Flagg
Hardwick, MA

Result Pages (1 of 55)