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Shamrock's Greetings - Woman in Green Exposing Ankle
Shamrock's Greetings -
Woman in Green...
R. Veentliet 

St. Patrick Was A Gentleman
"St. Patrick Was A

Greetings on St Patrick's Day
Greetings on St Patrick's

Good Luck to You on St Patrick's Day
Good Luck to You on St
Patrick's Day

Here's Wishing You a Bright and Happy St. Patrick's Day
Here's Wishing You a
Bright and Happy St....

Pigs and Clovers - March 17th
Pigs and Clovers - March

Woman in Green Dress with Harp
Woman in Green Dress with

Erin Go Bragh- Harp with Green and Gold Clovers, Flag
"Erin Go Bragh"- Harp
with Green and Gold...

Remember Green Erin, The Morn's Mornin' to You!
Remember Green Erin, The
Morn's Mornin' to...

Dear Irish Memories
Dear Irish Memories

Woman Dressed in Green Holding a Garland of Shamrocks
Woman Dressed in Green
Holding a Garland...

Boy With Large Four Leaf Clover and Pig
Boy With Large Four Leaf
Clover and Pig

Girl with Pig and Four Leaf Clovers
Girl with Pig and Four
Leaf Clovers

Here's to Dear Old Erin and to all her Shamrocks Gay
Here's to Dear Old Erin
and to all her...

Erin Go Bragh
Erin Go Bragh

Erin go bragh!
Erin go bragh!
Ellen Clapsaddle 

And its O, the Green Shamrock
And its O, the Green
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Speeding car with Scared and Delighted Passengers
Speeding car with Scared
and Delighted...
Ellen Clapsaddle 

Greetings on St Patrick's Day
Greetings on St Patrick's

St Patrick's Day Souvenir
St Patrick's Day Souvenir

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