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Cornish Litany
Cornish Litany

Don't let the ghosts and witches fret you, For not one of them can get you
Don't let the ghosts and
witches fret you,...

Boy and Jack O' Lanterns
Boy and Jack O' Lanterns

May a Joyous Halloween be Yours
May a Joyous Halloween be

Hurrah! for Halloween!
Hurrah! for Halloween!

All Halloween Greetings
All Halloween Greetings

Joyous Halloween - Vegetables with Faces in a Vegetable Patch
Joyous Halloween -
Vegetables with Faces...

Halloween- Woman in with Carved Apple and Knife, Pumpkin
Halloween- Woman in with
Carved Apple and...

It's Halloween and You'd Best Look Out What You're About or the Goblins Will Nab You
It's Halloween and You'd
Best Look Out...

All Halloween Greetings
All Halloween Greetings

Witch Riding Broom with Pumpkin, Black Cat and Bat
Witch Riding Broom with
Pumpkin, Black Cat...

Anthropomorphic Vegetables and Pumpkins
Vegetables and Pumpkins

You Auto Have a Happy Halloween
You Auto Have a Happy

Halloween Greeting - Mice
Halloween Greeting - Mice

Halloween Greetings What's Meant for Thee The'll Have
Halloween Greetings
What's Meant for Thee...

The Joys of Halloween Be Yours
The Joys of Halloween Be

Woman Sitting and Man Standing on Couch, Pumpkins, Clock
Woman Sitting and Man
Standing on Couch,...

Pumpkins and Halloween
Pumpkins and Halloween

A Happy Halloween be Yours
A Happy Halloween be

Halloween Ghost
Halloween Ghost

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